Hiking in Kalaw

Kalaw is rather in the center of the country in Shan State, near Inle Lake. Known for its temperate climate and pine forests, this hill station was the former resort British officials. Kalaw is the starting point of many expeditions in the area.

The walks can be done:
Either for a day to the villages of Palaung around Kalaw (in the evening you return to town to stay in a hotel).
For 2 to 4 days to reach Inle Lake, passing the nights in a monastery or homestay. You can visit the villages and plantations in Pao and Taung Yoo ethnicities.
Or for 3 days so you can reach Pindaya, the country of the ethnic Danu. You can spend two nights in monasteries. This is a great hike for its panorama view of rolling hills and varied and colorful plants (wheat, colza, cabbage and cauliflower, etc.).

The programs :

Kalaw in one day

At 8:30 am, depart from your hotel to Thazi (5 kms) to reach the starting point of the hike outside Kalaw. Walk in the hills through tea plantations, the renowned specialty of Shan State in Myanmar, tobacco, and in beautiful pine forest. You will arrive at the village of Painnepin after 2-3 hours of walking. This is the village of the Palaung who live in large communal houses (7-8 families share a house). Numerous around Kalaw, the Palaung are essentially farmers. Women are dressed in a striped dark red longyi, a bolero with blue or green sleeves trimmed with a red border and hula hoops around their waists.
Have lunch and take a nap in the village of Painnepin. Return by the same path to the starting point of the trek. Return to your hotel in car.


Kalaw to Inle (2 days)

Day 01 : After breakfast, depart from your hotel towards Loikaw to the village of Baw Ning Gone. It takes about 6 hours walking for the first day. Start walking up the hills and through the villages of Pa-O, Nan Aul, Paw That and the tea, tobacco, garlic and rice fields. After 2h30 to 3 hours, you reach the village of Khone Hla where you have lunch.
Rest and then continue trekking through different gardens and farms. The countryside is beautiful, hilly and colorful. You will meet along the way farmers with their buffaloes in the fields (the buffaloes are still widely used for agricultural work). Spend a night at the wooden monastery Htee Thein.

Day 02 : After early breakfast, depart to Inle Lake for a hike of about 5 hours. You descend gradually through villages of the ethnics Pa-O and Inthar to reach the famous site Indein and forest of small stupas of the 16th century. A canoe will be waiting to take you to your hotel on the Inle lake or Nyaung Shwe village .

Kalaw to Pindaya (3 days)

Day 01 : The starting point of the hike is the village of Kyone, 45-minute drive from Kalaw. Hiking towards the village of Bin Thit Yar; on the way you will pass through many plantations and reach the monastery Hmwe Daw after 3 hours of walking. Spend a night at the monastery at the top of a hill.

Day 02 : Depart after breakfast for a very long walk to the village Enn Neither which you will reach after 4 hours of walking. Several stops are planned in small tribal villages like Pao, Palaung, Shan. This is an opportunity to discover their seasonal crops and ancestral customs. You will be welcomed with big smiles. After lunch, continue trekking in 3 hours to get to Taung Myint Gyi, passing other villages like Tart Pote, Min Tain Bin, Myin Dwin. Spend a night in the village monastery.

Day 03 : The trek continues towards the village See Kya Inn with a walk of about 3 hours. Visit the village and the surrounding plantations and then have lunch. After a short rest, you will start to go down hill and end your walk at the village Htut Ni of the ethnic Danu. The Danu minority is recognizable by its black outfit studded with colored sequins; they speaks an archaic Burmese. A car will be waiting at the market to take you to your next destination or hotel in Pindaya for the night.

Pourquoi voyager avec nous?

Nous sommes une petite équipe composée d’experts et désirons partager avec vous la passion que nous avons pour la Birmanie en organisant des voyages personnalisés en fonction de vos centres d’intérêt et votre budget.

Notre expertise dépasse la simple connaissance des sites touristiques. Grâce aux reconnaissances que nous avons faites sur le terrain, nous sommes en mesure de vous proposer plusieurs formules que ce soit un voyage classique ou en hôtels de charme, un voyage sortant des sentiers battus, un trek dans les montagnes, un séjour balnéaire sur une magnifique plage, etc.

Vous pourrez choisir ce qui correspond à vos attentes : visite des sites incontournables, rencontres authentiques dans les petits villages, randonnées dans les vallées luxuriantes parmi les plantations et les rizières, une croisière sur le fleuve ou une journée d’excursion en pirogue pour découvrir les villages lacustres et les jardins flottants, le survol de Bagan en ballon, une nuit dans un monastère, etc. des moments forts que vous n’oublierez jamais. Nos conseillers sont là pour vous guider et personnaliser votre voyage pour qu’il soit «à votre image». Ils sont à votre écoute, n’hésitez pas à leur faire part de vos souhaits !